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What's been happening at PUMA YARD


What's been happening at PUMA YARD

PUMA YARD has been amazing! Relentless Pongbot action everyday as soon as the doors open! What an incredible place PUMA have created here, Kingston in Brick Lane! Days have been rocking with reggae vibes and nights have been raising the roof! Pongathon has been entertaining visitors from all over the world, making friends and spreading the Ping Pong love!

We have set records all over the world, made friends, run tournaments and had the best time ever running the Pongathon zone. The highest score on the Pongbot to date is 53 in 60 seconds, almost the all time record but still a few days to go! Sun is shining and we are playing to the sounds of reggae.

Check out http://www.puma.com/hubs/puma-yard for some more pics!

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