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Thankyou London for a pongtastic end to 2014!


Thankyou London for a pongtastic end to 2014!

It was all about the light up santa hats, worst christmas sweaters, dodgy homemade tinsel belts, and bad cracker jokes as Pongathon re-wrote the rules on how to throw a christmas party at Rich Mix this week, with our final ping pong shindig of 2014!

As DJ Dennis upped the tempo, it was time to see who had the sprouts and who was stuffed in our legendary Pongbot challenge. And to spice it up a little we cranked her all the the way to eleven! A shout out to Nick and John for great scores of 50 and 47…but taking the top prize of a set of bats was Neil with a scorching 52!

With merry cheer flying high and the beer literally flowing, a classic game of Beer Pong was just getting underway, we flipped it up on the Pongbot with one of our house favourites...Sofa Pong! And it was all about the Paytons Pongers tonight who put in an early score of 11 that just could not be beaten!

And as if all of that was enough…Pistol Pete hooked you up with a extra special doubles tournament to win a life time supply (okay, well at least a couple of weeks) of popchips! The knock-out rounds had everything from edge clips to spontaneous mid point dancing and before long we found ourselves in the finals. An epic 3 game crowd pleaser ensued with David & Fergal just being pipped by Amil & John who took home the spoils!

A massive thank you to everyone who joined the party this week and anytime this year, we love having you in our family. Now have an amazing christmas and we'll see you in the new year…we have one special treats planned for you, so keep watching!

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