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Remember remember your tache in Movember!


Remember remember your tache in Movember!

There was a real buzz in the air at Pongathon on Tuesday…the buzz of razors that is! It was all about the tache this week as for the third year running Pongathon welcomed Movember to our ping pong playground at Richmix.

With Team Movember in the house, facial hair complemented, and handle bars twitching to go, we got underway with the Movember Buddy-Up Doubles Championships. Vying for the coveted 24 carat gold (plastic) cup, players battled it out in an All Vs All tournament that kicked the evening off in fan-tache-tic style!

With the rafters literally heaving, we headed straight into the first ever Mini Movember Singles Champs up on the main stage. It might have been mini table, mini bats, and mini games, but it was big play, big shots, and big rivalry in this two way knockout with winners and losers getting multiple chances to take home prizes!

As if it couldn't get any better, the Pongbot then rolled into the spotlight to really put that tache wax to the test in a special Movember Pongbot Challenge! With special male and female Movemember t-shirts up for grabs, people were soon lined up for the 60 Pongbot duel!

And your winners are...

Movember Buddy-Up Doubles Champs: Congrats to Matt and Room

Mini Movember Champs: Well done to Matt for taking the winners prize and Rich for picking up the non-winners winners cup

Movember Pongbot Challenge: Ash took the male t-shirt with a score of 57, whilst Anjal (an annual regular all the way in from San Francisco) walked away with the female t-shirt after a score of 44

A huge thank you to Movember and to everyone who joined us Tuesday to make it such an epic night of ping pong joy. Lets not forget that Movember are raising monies and awareness for a very special cause. See how you can get involved or donate here: http://uk.movember.com/get-involved/

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