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The Pongbot - the new shining star at Camden Lock this summer!


The Pongbot - the new shining star at Camden Lock this summer!

Hundreds of people made their way up to the Pongathon tent at Camden Lock Live last Friday to participate in the fun, sun and crazy off-the-wall ping pong shenanigans!

Hundreds of balls adorned the cobblestoned streets as people from all over the world took part in the first ‘World Pongbot Challenge Championships’! It was a spectacle to behold as the Pongathon MC led the international ping pong convention with a host of DJ’s blasting out sunshine party ‘chunes’, keeping the crowd dancing and playing all day and into the evening…

We had a huge delegation from China, all over South America, a lot of enthusiastic challengers from France and Spain, amazing talent from Sweden (well, it is in their DNA), youngsters from Norway, a few funny Italians, a couple of Hungarians and a Trinidadian. Great talents, very entertaining styles and fantastic characters!

The highest score [54] was hit by Chris, a regular Pongathon player, making us and England very proud. His prize is a brand new Chinese bat which will be waiting for him on our next event, tomorrow the 16th in Shoreditch!

The first boutique urban festival at Camden Lock Market was such a huge success Pongathon has been asked to come back to entertain the crowds throughout the summer each Thursday starting from July the 25th till the end of August for their hugely popular Night Markets.

Hope to see you there and don’t forget we are only a phone call away to organize your ping pong parties this summer! Just contact hello@pongathon.com