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#PongathonMondays winning new friends and not so sore losers!


#PongathonMondays winning new friends and not so sore losers!

“Trash talk, not trash play” was the completely helpful banter laden mocking cry that rung out from the VIP sofa seated crowds, as Rich Mix exploded in the best Pongathon Buddy-Up doubles comp we’ve seen in many a day.

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Through the ancient art of names in a hat, bringing new friends together that continued through the night and the sands of time itself, we soon had our teams; Team Screwloose, Pongasaurus Rex, King Pong, and Drawing A Blank.

After the Rocky montage worthy all-v-all group stage we found ourselves in a 3-way tie, with mere points taking Team Screwloose and Pongasaurus Rex into the epic best of 3 games international final.

And what a final we were in for! Having lost the first game, Team Screwloose bat-tled back to make it 1 game all. With it all resting on the final it was literally point for point all the way until Pongasaurus Rex stepped it up to take the win!

The Pongbot was in action too, with another 3-way tie in progress of 39 highest score, until Jamie rocked up and put everyone in their place with a fine show of 47! A truly great night had by all in Shoreditch.

MORE PONGATHON MONDAY FUN! We’re launching a brand new residency at The Fable Bar in Farringdon on Monday 5th October. It’s free to play PARTY with a complimentary cocktail for all guests, tournaments, prizes, and great chunes to Pong to! Come on down and join us from 6pm on the Mezzanine. After that we’ll be back every other Monday…see more right here