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Pongathon thus far... thank you!


Pongathon thus far... thank you!

After the massively successful launch of Pongathon on October 24th at Richmix where we fell only 6 shots shy of breaking a world record, to our most recent packed out Pongathon on November 22nd, the feedback from everyone involved has been immense.

We have received invitations from all over the UK, Germany and even the US to host our events but by far the most incredibly satisfying part of Pongathon has been everyone’s passion to play.

Only last month we introduced a new table booking system to Pongathon and such has been the demand that we have added five more tables and an extra night each month! So for all you Pongathon peeps here is a reminder that we are back on Tuesday February 7th every two weeks.

But that’s only part of the story, our team is always to create the most fun from your Pongathon experience! Our social tournament hostesses have been a big hit along with our fantastic resident DJ’s Alex Gromadzski and Ronnie Joice together with Coco who has been mixing up, cutting and pasting the most incredible visual art to ping pong to.

However the biggest hits have been The Pongathon Robot from China that has taken centre stage and been challenged no less than 150 times over two events (record currently stands at 32 hits from 60 seconds), the impossibly difficult mini-bat challenges (although we have found after a couple of visits to the bar most people’s hand to eye co-ordination has miraculously improved!) all manner of crazy competitions and of course our Pongathon pro exhibition games. Phew!

All of this would not have been possible without the great support from of our growing ping pong community. So from everyone here at Pongathon HQ - thank YOU!!