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Pongathon Team helps launch Ping Pong Fight Club


Pongathon Team helps launch Ping Pong Fight Club

Think you are obsessed with ping pong? You should meet the tech industry! The Ping Pong Fight Club was started by a group of ping pong obsessed techies that wanted an all-in industry championship for like-minded obsessives! Held at Village Underground in Shoreditch, this fight club had abandoned the first rule of not talking about it because it was brilliantly attended by more social ping pong pugilists than you could shake a paddle at with the Pongathon Team at the heart of it all, organising, scoring and getting the party started!

Sixty four teams battled it out for their companies bragging rights amidst the mayhem of cheerleaders, dj's, a free bar and wall to wall ping pong! Even Darius Knight from Team GB turned up to challenge the winners and entertain the audience with his silky skills and trick shots. It was a great event and hats off to all you techies keeping it real for ping pong!