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Pongathon hosts London’s first inter - advertising agency social ping pong tournament!


Pongathon hosts London’s first inter - advertising agency social ping pong tournament!

Pongathon hooked up with our great friends Creative Social to host a fabulous night of social ping pong at LBi last week. The stage was set with over 7 tables awaiting the preliminary group stages involving 50 of the leading advertising agencies in and around London. Who would secure their company’s bragging rights or get revenge for that lost client pitch to a bitter rival? Who indeed would be walking off with a brand new Adidas lime green table tennis table at the end of the night?

As play got underway, the sounds of undergrounds beats activated the party vibe as sinews stretched for each ball. Laughter and cheers were soon followed by disappointment and groans as matches were won and lost. All the agencies looked great and brought their colleagues along for some alcohol fuelled partisan support!

Meanwhile, Pongathon’s infamous Pongbot Challenge had everyone throwing more shapes than a kaleidoscope in a spin dryer! Guest speaker and all round amazing Table Tennis Athlete Darius Knight gave us some jaw dropping exhibition play with Ade Leigh from Pongathon MC’ing and delivering his take on the ‘Rise of Social Pong’. You could almost feel the crunch of a new ping pong pitch being developed amongst the audience!

As the group winners progressed to the knockout stages the atmosphere intensified and amplified! This was social ping pong with teeth! In the end after a quite dominant performance throughout the tournament from Gabriel Charles they were just too strong for beaten finalists LBi 2. The crowed went nuts, high fives all round, all the Adidas bats were raffled and there is already a logjam for next years tournament! Result!