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Pongathon City Challenge: Group C & D post-match review!


Pongathon City Challenge: Group C & D post-match review!

This is it, we’ve got our Pongathon City Challenge finalists! London’s first ever inter-company social ping pong tournament has produced nail biting finishes, superhuman effort and good spirits amongst the Capitals finest.

Tuesday night excelled as the teams battled it out for their company’s bragging rights pulling off insane shots, some so fast this author could’ve swore he saw flames!

Group C

Topspin Traders stormed through the group with 3 straight wins and are now favourites with the bookies for the finals on May 15th followed closely by Let's Get it Pong who came through as runners up.

You can see the Traders had been practicing their game with strong attacking options on both flanks whilst Let's Get it Pong opted for the mixed game of defense and attack plus some witty repartee!

Groups D

This group was a nail-biter! Karmarama Silver and London Ping Pongers were literally head to head all the way and finished in an exact tie with the exact same games and points won, so they had a sudden death Pongathon City Challenge play-off to determine first place.

Karmarama Silver running out the winners of Group D and London Ping Pongers more than worthy runners up. Once again incredible play and athleticism but above all played in great spirit with more than a few visits to the bar!

A massive big ups goes out to all the teams who have taken part, you can read all about them by visiting our Pongathon City Challenge page at www.pongathoncitychallenge.com

See you on May 15th at Richmix, London for the Pongathon City Challenge Finals!!