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Pongathon at Camden Lock for the launch of ‘Night Markets’ – July 25th


Pongathon at Camden Lock for the launch of  ‘Night Markets’ – July 25th

Kazakhstan, Brunei, Gambia, Finland, South Africa, Korea, Vietnam, China, Australia, France, Germany, Iran, Norway, Slovenia, Romania were only some of countries that entered Pongathon’s second ‘World Pongbot Challenge Championships’ at the launch of Camden Lock’s ‘Night Markets’ last Thursday. We even had a player from Transylvania for goodness sake!

Deep house sounds beckoned the huge crowds towards Pongathon’s tent as Camden Lock basked in sunshine ready for a marathon street market festival from 10am to 11pm! Everyone cheered on their friends and challengers who ranged from 6 to 70 years old demonstrating the weird and sometimes plain ridiculous ways in which to play the game! Even young Vivienne from Korea only 5 years old joined the Pongathon Team as the cutest ball collector in the world!

The competition was so strong with scores regularly up in the 30’s and 40’s against the Pongbot. Eda one of regular players at Pongathon reached a score of 48 but was overtaken by the incredible exploits of Louis and Felix from France and Norway respectively who both shared a world record of 55 successful returns in 60 seconds! One of the many highlights of the day was Wai Kin from Korea who demonstrated a new form of martial art ping pong!

Enjoy the pics and the video from Camden Lock Live!!

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