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Pongathon are back for 2015!


Pongathon are back for 2015!

Pongathon team break world record! Okay, that may be a little misleading, but we definitely reckon it was a recording breaking evening in the number of balls we had to pick up during the night…and you know what, we loved every second of it :)

It was great to be back at Rich Mix after the long Christmas and New Year holidays, and we figure you must have been feeling the need for ping pong speed too, as we were full to the rafters with everyone getting their ping pong fun times on.

There were some familiar faces in the house and some new friends to welcome with big bat wielding open arms…but one thing was for certain, people were up for and ready for the legendary Pongbot Challenge. We had about 40 people step up to show their skillz, with some great scores being put in form the get go.

In the end it came down to two warriors matched equally at the top of the table. We had Alex who'd held top spot all night, before Anton swept in and matched his score of 57. In the end we needed an X-Factor worthy face off.

Alex pulled out a fantastic 63 on his second go, before Anton eyed up the Pongbot and put in a…tension…tension…build the tension…too much tension…little awkward now…okay just tell us…winning score of 64! Congrats to Anton for the win and to his worthy adversary Alex. But in true champ and Pongathon style, Anton shared his popchips prize with his competitor.

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