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Pongathon, a ping pong party within a ping pong party


Pongathon, a ping pong party within a ping pong party

The Pongathon Massive was out in force at Richmix on July 16th! Packed to the rafters we had over a hundred players pinging, laughing, dancing and competing. Once again the ’Pongbot Challenge’ saw people stretch every sinew to reach and return each ball in a effort to win the prize on the night! And with a top score of 50 successful returns in 60 seconds Martyn won himself a brand new and super cool Adidas lime green table tennis bat!

Not wanting to stop there ‘The Pongathon Massive’ all stayed for the ‘Pongathon Pro Challenge Series’, and a chance to beat our Pongathon pro’s to win more prizes! ‘Roll The Die’ means starting off a game to 9 points with the number you roll on the table and ‘Choose Your Weapon’ means choosing which size of frying pan you want the pro to play you with! Each pan has a number on the back that you start with as a lead, once again to 9 points!

Hotly contested throughout the night, Pongathon pro’s took a while to start winning as the ‘Pongathon Massive’ were choosing the smallest pan to play all the pro’s and took and early lead BUT things improved as Rodica who started to play sublime ‘Frying Pan Pong’ brought the scored level with Adrian and Eszter finding form later on to clinch a famous victory 11-6 to the Pongathon Pro’s! Daniele one of our winners, won another Adidas bat on the night so well done to him!

See you all on September 3rd and don't forget if you want your party pinged this summer you can contact us at hello@pongathon.com

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