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Ping Pong Provocateur's at Pongathon!


Ping Pong Provocateur's at Pongathon!

Last Tuesday's Pongathon was in a nutshell EPIC! In the afternoon we had 'Pongathon Activators' from 5 Universities who will be participating in a brand new program called the Pongathon University Challenge (see more on fb/pongathonuc) plus our wonderful friends at The 405 and Pingle brought with them some very lively 'ping pong provocateurs' as well as instigating more beer ponging than you could shake a brewery at!

Add to the mix a full compliment of 'Pongathoneons' as they have recently been called and well, it was one helluva Tuesday! Oh almost forgot welcome back Phil who had taken a short sabbatical but return to reclaim his crown as Pongbot Champion once again! Check out our events page for the next gig!