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Movember Ping Pong Championships 2013


Movember Ping Pong Championships 2013

Men's health has never been in better hands than around a ping pong table! Hundreds of people got involved in an epic night of colour, laughter, exercise, silliness and a touch of lunacy as we dedicated our Pongathon residency to Movember. As soon as the team announcements were the atmosphere was charged with backchat and banter from the partisan supporters...who was going to be crowned Movember Ping Pong Champions 2013?

Elation followed disappointment as balls were struck with ferocity and intent, some great, some from another planet! Representing New Zealand two kiwi lads calling themselves the 'Pingbetweeners' cut a swathe through the field with their spin and guile, outplaying the luckless 'I'd Hit That' team in the final to be crowned Champions!

Adding to the carnival atmosphere everyone stayed late to enjoy 'The Pongbot Challenge' and 'Challenge the Pro Series' and a very special exhibition game from special Pongathon guest Darius Knight from Team GB. Huge thanks go our to everyone at Movember and the Pongathon massive!