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Its all gone Pete Pong!


Its all gone Pete Pong!

An account of may 15th from El-Pongo the fastest blogger in orla Mechico!

Whilst there was palpable tension, cheers and groans from the Mezzanine floor hosting the Pongathon City Challenge Finals, there was a human whoopee cushion playing ping pong (yes you read that right!), lots of Pongbot Challengers, round-the –table shenanigans and a huge amount of action across the Pongathon ‘dancefloor’!

But the ‘plat de resistance’ was our very own version of BEERPONGBOT! The whole of Pongathon seemed to simultaneously drop their bats when we announced there was free beer to be won! The object was to return the ball into one of the two jugs placed on the table either side of the Pongbot to win a pint.

So well done to Gaynor, Andy, Ming and Emily! Your round next! Add to that some incredible chunes from our Pongathon DJ Alex and Coco mixing up some mind boggling live visuals and well, dare I say it again? Epic! There you go I said it! See you all on JUNE 5th!

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