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Come celebrate Pongathon’s 2nd Birthday Party! November 5th – Richmix, Shoreditch


Come celebrate Pongathon’s 2nd Birthday Party! November 5th – Richmix, Shoreditch

Doesn't time fly when you are playing ping pong! Only seems like yesterday we started Pongathon but look at us now, we are 2 years old and still as crazy and obsessed about ping pong as we ever have been! So please come and share the love and a fantastic night of crazy ping pong shenanigans! Here is what you can expect:

FREE 20 minute sessions for everyone between 5-7pm/9-11pm! (first come first serve) Celebrity Challenge The Pro Series! The Pongbot Challenge! Our new game Pin Pong! Sofa-Pong Blindfold Pong Loads of prizes including FREE Pongathon time, new bats and T-shirts! Crazy visuals and the excellent DJ Alex playing ‘Chunes to Pong To’, FREE Coaching master Classes. FREE Entry! Doors open 5pm-11pm (you can still book tables between 7-9pm!)

Richmix will be adorned with birthday balloons, wall to wall tables, thousands of balls, great music, bar action, crazy visuals and the very best challenges and tournaments you could possibly shake a paddle at plus it’s absolutely FREE to play a 20 minute session if you come between 5-7pm or between 9-11pm!

We have invited some really special guests to join the Pongathon Pro’s so expect some crazy trick shots but most importantly your chance to beat them handicapped with frying pans and mini-bats! We‘ll be featuring all your Pongathon favourite challenges + a brand new one invented specially for our birthday....PIN PONG! Its balloon pong with a team of two, a blindfold and a pin....enough said!!

And for those of who that want to hone your skills we’ll be putting on some FREE ping pong master classes to join in with some useful tips from the pro’s! And if you want to know what it feels like to be a Pongathon host we’ll be giving anyone who wants to have a go, the controls of the Pongbot for 5 minutes to count all the challenges!

See you all down there! Pongathon team