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Citigroup trade stocks for bats at client Pongathon party!


Citigroup trade stocks for bats at client Pongathon party!

Citigroup is a leading global financial institute with over 200 years experience…and they added to that illustrious history last week as Pongathon put together a super special ping pong party for their valued clients and as a thank you for their teams for a great year!

The room was ready and bathed in perfect playing light, the tables set with tense nets full of joyful anticipation, and the drinks as cool and chilled as Citigroup's traders. And as mellow music drifted playfully in the ears, clients began arriving from Aberdeen to WAMCO (see what I did there).

Whilst the ping pong paddle practice got underway, Team Pongathon went to work to put teams together in our now infamous buddy-up social doubles tournament for the first Citigroup Inter Client World Ping Pong Championships…we may need a smaller title next year!

With everyone limbered up and liquid libations made to the ping pong gods, we headed straight into the All Vs All group rounds with banter filling the air and shade looks being thrown back across the table as fast as the ball itself. Before long the group games came to an end, with everyone eager to learn who the top teams from each group were that would continue to the finals!

Moving into the knockout stages, ping pong prowess started to shine as Tom & Chris, John & Lou, Helen & Iain, Trieu & Mark, Charlotte & Johnny, Chris & Joseph, Drunker by the minute, and T-Rex took to the tables to battle it out in a bid to be crowned Citigroup Champs.

We soon found ourselves in the showdown finals between Tom & Chris and Chris & Joe, which turned into a 3 game epic with Chris & Joe taking the first game 11 - 7. Tom & Chris made it level in the second with a 11 - 9 win. But ultimately Chris & Joe emerged victorious winning the third game 11 - 4!

As if the room wasn't electric enough, we upped the excitement again with our singles tournament final being contested between Oliver and Johnny…and the crowd was in for another spectacular treat with a second three game extravaganza with Oliver taking the win in style and the bragging rights with it!

Well done to the winners and a huge thank you for all who joined in the fun…and with your new mini table in hand, you'll be able to have desktop championships everyday!