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Camden Lock Night Markets - Pongathon Pets Playing Ping Pong?


Camden Lock Night Markets - Pongathon Pets Playing Ping Pong?

Pongathon's residency this summer at Camden Lock has been a non-stop roller coaster of Challenges whether against the Pongbot or a Pongathon pro wielding a frying pan! Thousand of people from all over the world have been playing, laughing and capturing images and videos of their friends and family in the most uncompromising ping pong positions..... and now even their pets are getting in on the action! Stars of the show without doubt have been Gideon and his dog Buster who barked for every shot Buster returned against the Pongbot! Absolutely hilarious!

On a more a serious note we had the HIGHEST score of the summer achieved in the Pongbot Challenge by one of our regular players Raph who returned a whopping 62 balls in 60 seconds!! Now that is impressive! Congrats to Raph who get s an hour of free playing time at Pongathon on September 3rd at Richmix!

And finally Pongathon's 'Challenge The Pro Series', another revelation this summer was hard fought last Thursday with Eszter and Diana losing their opening games before Ade found his form with Pan number 1 and galvanised the pro's into a fightback against the Camden Lock massive running out eventual winners 12-8! Another day in the life Pongathon!