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Our Resident Photographers


Our Resident Photographers

Nadia El specializes primarily in event photography. Artist Painter since 2003, her work and passion has primarily been to capture the essence of a moment, using figures and colours on canvas, to create a visual expression of an emotional experience. This affinity translates into her photography, whilst also marrying the creative possibilities of photographic medium, to capture the beauty of a moment and reveal the soul as well as the character of an individual, event or brand.

Nadia's photography can be seen at nadiaelphotography.com.

Jim Hanner

Jim Hanner specialises in party and festival photography, capturing fun wherever it happens. Over the past few years, Jim's work has been published in Harper's Bazaar, NME, International DJ, several books including Festival Annual and various websites. Jim has already had a photo used to verify an entry to the Guinness Book of Records and is hoping they'll need to see his Pongathon photos soon.

More of Jim's photography can be seen at www.hanner.org.uk.