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Pongathon is a ping pong art form, a social playground of music, performance, design and unrivalled ping pong innovations! From New York to Paris, Berlin and London everyone is spinning!

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Future Events Pongathon at Snowbombing 2016.... the album!
Pongathon at Snowbombing 2016.... the album!

Pongathon hosted five back-to-back off-the-mountains and on the piste crazy ping pong parties at Snowbombing 2016, the biggest music festival on snow in the world!

Located high up in the mountains in Mayrhofen, Austria Pongathon's own neon-lit 700 capacity hexagonal arena straight out of a Blade Runner, witnessed ping pong pandemonium on a scale not seen since the last avalanche!

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Each night featured a unique theme to represent the diverse appeal and creativity of social ping pong to a new audience, all of whom were experiencing this for the first time, but definitely not the last!

We hosted regular huge singles and doubles tournaments, 'Pongbot Challenge' (returning as many balls against the robot in 60 seconds), 'Challenge The Pro' (where our resident professionals played with mobile phones, frying pans and other unusual playing items), Round-The-World and winners-stays-on competitions.

Here is a list of our themed Nights!

Monday 4th: Welcome Party - DJ's, 8 table tennis tables, Bar set up, tournaments, challenges, competitions and prizes all night!

Tuesday 5th: Hosted by Mr Motivator, legendary keep-fit guru introducing the health and activity benefits of ping pong to a new audience in a fun and exciting way!

Wednesday 6th:Ping Pong Bingo, Blindfold Challenge and the Keepy-Uppy 'World Record' attempt! - Calling numbered ping pong ball numbers with winners blindfolded and challenged to hit the ball over the net with directions from the audience!

Thursday 7th: Beer Pong World Championships - 16 Teams of 4 players competed in the ultimate 'Knockout'!

Friday 8th: Fancy Dress and Neon Ping Pong Party - Huge Party to play under UV Light! Day-glo Unicorns, Leprechauns, Princess Leahs', Super Marios, Hippies and Foxhunters went totally off piste!

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  • Happy Friday ping pong lovers! Found a badly made cheesy beer pong vid 4 your pleasure, had 2 share #beerpong

    via @pongathon

  • Happy Friday ping pong lovers! Found a badly made cheesy beer pong vid 4 your pleasure, had 2 share #beerpong

    via @pongathon

  • Awe inspiring play from the the amazing artists and athletes that play our wonderful game #tabletennis #inspire

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